YALI : Yet Another LCN Interface
I had the problem of interfacing the LCN network that is controlling the lights in my house to the LAN. Of course there are commercial off the shelf products i could use, but there is no software i could use on my Mac to access the LCN functionality. So i started this project.
YALI is a client/server application. The server is connected to the LCN network via RS232 and a special LCN bus adaptation device „LCN-PK“. The server monitors the traffic on the LCN bus, filters out the interesting parts (for example light on/off and status commands) and forwards the information to all connected clients. The server translates the LCN bus commands to a much simpler format and also accepts a small set of commands from the clienst that are again translated back to the LCN format.
The server is written in ANSI C and meant to be ported to a small embedded computer running Linux in the future.